Love Island 2018 contestants ‘face new strict rules including NO drunken sex, a ban on nudity and no solo sex acts’

Love Island bosses will reportedly enforce strict new rules on contestants and their steamy antics when the show returns this summer.

According to The Mirror, the policies will include a ban on drunken sex, masturbation and even nudity.

While bed hopping after a couple of glasses of wine has been the norm in previous series, it's claimed contestants will now have to sober up before any romping.

And even if a frisky moment does arise, it's said the residents will not be allowed to be completely naked in front of their co-stars - ever.

In fact, even when washing in the shower contestants must ensure they are not totally starkers.

The decision is supposedly because everywhere in the villa is considered a public space and most will be well aware that stripping off in public isn't OK.

It's claimed solo sex acts have also been banned on the premises, so if the contestants are hoping to get raunchy, they must be with a partner.

While tears post-love making haven't been uncommon in the villa, Islanders who have intercourse will now have to visit a counsellor.

The therapist will give them advice on a range of sex-related issues and will also be able to provide an emergency contraceptive pill if needed.

And to make sure contestants don't forget the laws that have been laid down, they will all be given a handbook upon entering the villa detailing the new rules and regulations.

Love Island has never been short of steamy action, with contestants including Kem Cetinay, Amber Davies, Montana Brown and Alex Beattie among those getting frisky between the sheets last year.

Love Island’s Montana Brown is no stranger to stripping off in front of the cameras.

But her time in teeny-tiny bikinis on the ITV reality show has paid off, as it landed her a lucrative contract with top modelling agency Select.

The 22-year-old, from Herts, is now on the same books as some of the biggest names in the business, including Irina Shayk and fellow Brit David Gandy.

But, despite becoming one of the show’s most successful names, Montana has stark advice for this year’s new crop of hopefuls: “Don’t have sex on TV, I regretted it.”

Last summer, viewers saw Montana in Love Island’s most X-rated episode as three couples romped in the villa.

She kept housemates awake with her hour-long sex sessions with Alex Beattie.

Now, with 150,000 singletons applying for this summer’s fourth series, Montana has opened up about life after the villa.

She tells The Sun on Sunday: “In hindsight, having sex on TV wasn’t the best idea. My advice to the new hopefuls is not to do it.

“If I could have done it differently, I wouldn’t have had sex.

"But, other than that, I really enjoyed the experience.

“I just wish I’d made a better decision in that area.

“It’s all everyone wants to speak about now.

"It’s like playing Top Trumps and, if you ever want to beat someone, they can always use that against you.

“I’ve got younger brothers aged 15 and 19 and I would be mortified if I saw them doing that on TV.

"But I set myself up for it, so I just have to handle it.”

Montana also defended fellow contestant Amber Davies after she was recently attacked by trolls.

Love Island winner Amber urged young women to avoid casual sex as well as sex on a first date — despite sleeping with fellow winner Kem Cetinay on the show.

Montana adds: “Amber is right. You shouldn’t have sex with a guy on a first date, but that’s not what she did with Kem.

“There’s no point going on TV to talk about that because people are always going to go in with that card automatically.

"I think she handled it really well.”

Before going on the show, Montana was adamant she would not have sex on telly.

And, unlike some other contestants, she managed to wait four weeks before romping.

She says: “It’s completely justified when people have sex, because when you’re in such an intense environment you think it’s the right thing to do.

“When you’re in there 24/7, in a confined space, it’s almost like you’re in a six to eight-month relationship, because each week feels like a year.

“But definitely go in with the mindset of not having sex.”

After leaving the villa Montana’s profile went from strength to strength.

Within weeks, she had become the UK face of clothing brand Pretty Little Thing and jetted to LA to meet its US ambassador, reality telly royalty Kourtney Kardashian.

She was then snapped up for a presenting gig on MTV News.

She says: “Post Love Island life has been absolutely incredible, my life has turned upside down.

“Beforehand, I was a student doing public relations and economics, living on my overdraft and it was horrendous.

"I was also an intern at various places, going to fetch salads and coffee for everyone.

"It was a massive shock when I came out. All of the opportunities have been jaw-dropping and sometimes I wake up and have to pinch myself.”

But success has come at a cost.

Just days after leaving the villa Montana secretly split from Alex, 23, a personal trainer from Newcastle. They had been dating for around a month.

However, Montana, who has previously dated Manchester United goalkeeper Kieran O’Hara, remains hopeful that any new Love Island romances will go the distance.

She says: “You can find true love but you have to be a certain type.

“Having all of this attention can be a massive distraction and it’s hard to have a relationship when you’re both in the media.

“You have to have a really high level of trust.

"When I left the villa I did want to make things work with Alex but my feelings slowly but surely dissipated into thin air.

“I’ve bumped into him a few times since and it’s been fine.

"He’s a lovely person but we just weren’t well matched.

“A lot of the applicants are probably having a ‘why not?’ moment as they have seen what the show can do for you and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“I think the reason so many people have applied this year is because they want the same opportunities.

"They just need to be open-minded and realistic about who they are going to couple up with and not be too disappointed if it doesn’t work out.”

Montana has now found love with male model Elliott Reeder, 22, from Harpenden, Herts, who had applied for the same Love Island series that she appeared on.

She says: “Things are going really well and he’s amazing. I do think it would have still worked if we’d met on Love Island.

“He’s very trustworthy and doesn’t take any of my c**p. It’s a good mix and I’ve met my match.”

It also means she has been able to pick up some helpful modelling tips for her new career.

She says: “I’m still finding my feet but I don’t think models get enough credit — it’s so hard and the days are long.

Select represent some of the best models in the world, so I hope to be that good one day.

“I’d also be up for doing a nude shoot if it was done tastefully and looked elegant.

"But it’s baby steps for me as I think I will probably fall over and make a t*t out of myself at this stage.

“Cara Delevingne is definitely a big inspiration. I’d love to walk in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.”

But Montana promises she will not be dropping any dress sizes to achieve her dream.

She says: “I definitely won’t let the modelling world put any pressure on me and will continue to eat doughnuts.

"Nothing is going to stop me from doing that and I will definitely keep my curves.”

*Sourced from the Sun*

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