The Real Reason Hollywood Doesn't Cast Courteney Cox anymore!

In all the FRIENDS cast, Courteney was the most underrated. She was the only one who didn't get an Emmy nomination. However, during the first few seasons, she was indeed the most attractive of them all. But what happened after FRIENDS? Why don't we say Courteney Cox anymore?

1. Losing the Golden Opportunity.

Cox was about to have a fantastic post FRIENDS career. Ever heard of the show Desperate Housewives? Well, Courteney was director's first choice to play Susan Mayer. But Cox was pregnant with Coco and decided to pass on to the part.

This was one golden opportunity that Cox missed. Her next work "Zoom" got 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

2. The New Rocking Start

Cox's best post FRIENDS work was Cougar Town. Thanks to her rocking performance, Courteney earned her first ever Golden Globe nomination. But the show struggled for six seasons and ultimately shut down in 2015. 

3. Tried producing and directing

Courteney produced episodes of Dirt and Cougar Town. She also directed one drama comedy titled Just Before I Go, which got terrible response.

However, on her direction Cox said ,

"I am never more creatively fulfilled when I am directing. I love immersing myself in every aspect."

4. Too much cosmetics

In 2016, Courteney admitted that she used to do a lot of experiments on her skin which she now regrets. However, she has stopped using them now and is letting her skin get back to normal.

For now, Cox is doing voluntary works, majority of which includes the ALS campaign, music schools for the poor and the Dignity campaign- a campaign to restore incarcerated women.

So, the question is "Have we seen the end of Courteney Cox?"

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