We didn't get a Monica and Joey Love Story Because of Le Blanc!

Monica and Chandler aka Mondler are our couple goals. They are just perfect in every possible sense. They have the perfect romance, the perfect care for each other, the perfect affection and not to forget the perfect humor too. 

We couldn't think of Monica going out with someone else. However, this was not supposed to be the story.

Kesley Miller is writing a new book, "I will be there for you" on the occasion of the show's 25th anniversary next year. Recently an excerpt was released which described how Matt Le Blanc prevented Monica and Joey from becoming a couple. 

Remember how Joey hit on Rachel in the very first episode? The cast members including Le Blanc got concerned that it made Joey looked creepy (A guy who is hitting on his friends). Le Blanc was not such a person in real life. The castmates treated Matt Le Blanc as their brother and that's when it all came into picture.

Le Blanc approached the creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane to rewrite his character and make him a fit in the group. He wanted to be a playboy, but at the same time, someone who really cares for his friends.

"Could it be that Joey thinks of these three girls as little sisters, and wants to go to bed with every other girl but these three?" LeBlanc said. "Then I’d buy that they’re friends. Otherwise, I just don’t think they’d even talk to him if he hits on them every single time."

The creators immediately agreed with LeBlanc and worked out a completely different character for Joey.

Initially, the creators found Joey and Monica to be the most sexually attractive character of the group and wanted them to be a couple. 

Ross was just wonderful when he bought a bike for Phoebe, but he was so wrong with Pheebs once.

Some are funny! Some are just too ridiculous.!

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