Mum Sick Of Neighbours Cats ‘Puts Down Poison’ & People Aren’t Happy

Police are now investigating Emma Neville after claims she poisoned her own garden in her council home with poisoned chicken after her daughter got cat poo on her hands.

Emma hit out on Facebook after sharing an image of three bowls of chicken.
Alongside the images she wrote: “Sick of cats s***ing in my garden and can’t let my kids go out to play out there so I’m putting poison down.
“If your cat comes home bard [sic] not my fault.”
A worried neighbour refused to let her cat out of the house until her mum had visited Emma to establish if there was any poison in the garden. The neighbour also offered the come and clean her garden once a week and begged her not to put poison down.
But the messages appear to show Emma replying: “If my daughter picks up cat s*** because she is playing in her own garden, I will go around everyone’s house killing them myself.
“Don’t think for a second I’m joking.
“The poison is [in] my garden and I don’t care, my kids will come first before any animal. Report me for it I don’t care.”
After visiting the Emmas home last night, cops reassured her that Emma’s property hadn’t been poisoned.
She said: “It was definitely not an ‘empty threat’. She made a post with pictures of the cat faeces in her garden and the poison onto Facebook threatening the animals and said ‘if your cat comes home bard don’t blame me’.
“I messaged her in complete rage after seeing this as I own a cat myself.
“I offered to go and clean out her garden once or twice a week, or even everyday if she wanted, completely free of charge. However she denied my offer and continued to put the animals at risk.
“Police have been contacted and they came to my house earlier today saying they had checked the place out and there were no longer any traces of poison. However, Emma claims there ‘never was’ [any poison].”
Emma defended herself and told people she had just said that to warn cat owners. She went on to insist there was no poison involved and police officers are currently investigating the exchanges while animal charities and rescue centres were quick to issue a warning to pet owners to be very vigilant in the area.
Emma, from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, said: “[My daughter] picked a ball up out [of] the garden and it [had] cat poo on it. [It] was all in her finger nails. I was so angry.
“I have [cats pooing in the garden] every day but that day it was all over her toys so I wrote that status.
“I feel stupid now I did it but it was just to let my street know I’ve had enough then it just went viral, that [is] it. There was no poison at all.
“No cats have been harmed at all. I just put that status up because my street is full of cats and they all using my garden everyday.
“I just had enough of it and put that up, I shouldn’t of done it like that at all.”

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