Instead of 1994, What If FRIENDS was made in 2018?

1. Rachel would have her own Instagram Page.

CREDITS- Nora Dominik

2. Chandler would be the one to tag every one in memes.

3. They would be having a group chat named "The One where we chat."

4. Phoebe would be watching TV shows like "Stranger Things", "Vampire Diaries".

5. Monica would be having her own cooking show..

6. Joey would be the biggest customer of Food Panda, Zomato and other food ordering sites,

7. Ross would have a blog, where he would be sharing all his dinosaurs information.

8. Chandler would be a regular LinkedIN user, searching for other jobs for a transponster.

9. Janice would have chased Chandler to 15 Yemen Road, Yemen by using Google Maps.

10. Joey and Chandler would be thrilled for a regular TV channel, rather than for free porn

11. Ross could have asked Siri on how to get his leather pants off.

12. Phoebe would be having a YouTube Channel, Joey would be busy on Tinder, Ross on Twitter, Rachel on Instagram, Chandler on Facebook, and Monica would have made sure that they all clean up their cellphones and laptops.

Ross was just wonderful when he bought a bike for Phoebe, but he was so wrong with Pheebs once.

Some are funny! Some are just too ridiculous.!

Monica was underrated, but why did Hollywood stop casting Courteney?