This Fan Theory Suggests that FRIENDS was just a dream!

"Remember when I used to live on the streets."

"You don't remember my roommate, Denise."

Well, I am quoting these lines because they are the only one that make sense. A fan theory came up in 2015, which suggested that the show FRIENDS was never real. The entire show was just going around in the mind of Phoebe Buffay. Here are the fan's explanation for the facts.

Phoebe Buffay's life was never very clearly depicted on the show. This was because she didn't has one. She was an orphan, living on the streets, doing pick-pocketing. She was depressed because her mother killed herself and her step father went to jail. She was indeed a loner.

One day she was walking outside a coffee house and saw a group of people sitting on an orange couch. She felt something. She passed by. She discovered an old guitar thrown in the dump and started playing something on it. She felt good.

She started playing the guitar outside the coffee house, looking at those friends and how happy they are. And then she starts imagining. That's there's she, sitting there with her friends living a happy life. And about her family. She meets a guy who just throws a condom in her guitar case. And she thought of him as her brother.

And this was the reason, Phoebe was all creepy.  And no one actually knew anything about her past clearly. Maybe this was the reason she thought Albert Einstein is her grandfather, cause it's just her dream. 

Yes, this theory might seem just too absurd. But we have to give credits to the person who came with us. You suck man!

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