The Dark Side of "FRIENDS" ending.

FRIENDS, one of the most popular TV sitcoms of all time aired in 1994. It ran for 10 long seasons with 236 beautiful episodes that are kind of engraved in our hearts. 

The humor, the romance and the connectivity that we found in FRIENDS is what made it special. We were able to relate ourselves to the characters and the situations that were portrayed in the sitcom. So, when the season ended in 2004, it left us all in tears.

The only good thing that came out of the ending was that everyone was happy. Chandler and Monica were this happy couple with twins. Phoebe was happily married to Mike. And Ross and Rachel were back together. And the way it was directed. Well that was beautiful. It felt like that we are closing in on an iconic TV series. 

However, there was something dark about the ending.

Joey Tribbiani, the teddy bear of the group is now left alone. Mondler have got a new home which is out of town. Ross and Rachel are back together, so Joey is without a roommate. Still no stable girlfirend. Life is not figured out. It's kind of a loner. Joey becomes a loner.

Not only this, in the spinoff Joey, Joey is portrayed as the guy who is in one-sided love with a girl he can't have. And that was the reason it failed. Joey is not like that.

In matter of girls, Joey might be one of the best playboys, but what he truly is, is a FRIEND. Joey Tribbiani is one of such friends, everyone wants. He is there for you in your happiness. He is there to console you whenever you are upset. He is the person you want to hug, to play with and to be roommates with.

And what happens to him in the end. Well, he is left in an empty apartment with no friends. Isn't it dark?

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