Where in the World is the Final Infinity Stone?

APPARENTLY, the arrival of the mad titan Thanos on Earth has been set up since the very first Iron Man film as part of the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. Since the introduction of the Infinity Stones in Captain America: The First Avenger, the appearance and location of other stones became the highlights of other Marvel films. But the Soul Stone, the final Infinity Stone was never found in Black Panther movie. The important question now is, where the hell is it?

But before we answer that, let us first refresh our memory and trace the locations of the other Infinity Stones.

1. The Tesseract. The first Infinity Stone established in the MCU was the Tesseract. It was first shown in Captain America: The First Avenger. It was discovered by Johann Schmidt hidden in an ancient chamber in a German Nazi-occupied Norway. It was subsequently used by Schmidt and Arnim Zola to power their weapons for HYDRA. While tracking Captain America, Howard Stark fished it out of the ocean and gave it to SHIELD. They later used the Tesseract to power their weapons.

2. The Aether. The next Infinity Stone introduced in the MCU was the Reality Stone. This was commonly referred to Asgard as the Aether. This stone has the power to shape reality and bend the very laws of physics. In Thor: The Dark World, the Dark Elves tried to take possession of the Aether in order to establish a new order in the universe. However, they were promptly defeated by the God of Thunder and the Aether was brought to the care of The Collector. 

3. The Orb. The Orb, also known as the Power Stone, was introduced on the Guardians of the Galaxy. It was highly coveted by Thanos who employed Ronan the Accuser to retrieve it from Petr Quill. We have seen its destructive power when Carina, a servant of Taneleer Tivan or The Collector, touched it directly. Carina’s eyes turned black and she was engulfed by a purple ember all over her body.

4. The Scepter. Hidden inside Loki’s scepter was none other than the Mind Gem. According to Captain America on the Avengers: Age of Ultron, the scepter might be the reason why Baron Strucker got so inventive. He supposed that the power inside the scepter inspired Strucker to create the first ‘Enhanced’ beings like the Maximoff twins. Ultron extracted the gem and intended to transfer it to his new artificial body. However, the Avengers were able to thwart his plan and Tony Stark implanted his A.I. JARVIS on the artificial body instead. The new being wearing the Mind Gem was named 'The Vision' by Thor.

5. The Necklace. Who knew that an Infinity Stone was hidden on the old necklace of the Mighty Agamotto? The Time Stone is hidden inside the necklace that is currently in the possession of Doctor Strange. In the movie, Stephen Strange used the power of the Time Stone to trap Dormammu inside an endless time loop. After enduring a seemingly long stretch of time, Dormammu gave the bargain that Doctor Strange wants and took Kaecilius and his zealots in exchange for never coming back to Earth again.

Here is the shocking part. Did you know that the artifacts that hide the Infinity Stones spell Thanos’ name?

  • T for Tesseract
  • H ?
  • A for Aether
  • N for Necklace
  • O for Orb
  • S for Scepter

If you have noticed, the H part is still missing. This means that whatever (or whoever) hides the Soul Stone begins with letter H.

Remember how Heimdall told Thor that he can see every soul in the universe? Heimdall may be the last part of the huge puzzle that Marvel Cinematic Universe has set up all along. Heimdall was last seen aboard the stolen ship together with The Hulk, Valkyrie, and Korg going to Earth. However, their ship was intercepted by Thanos. Seeing how Thor ended up inside Star-Lord’s spaceship alone, we can assume that Heimdall was captured along with the other citizens of Asgard. For all we know, he could be tortured by Thanos in order to extract the Soul Stone that he carries or that is inside him.

The upcoming Avengers: Infinity War this April 25, 2018, will either confirm or debunk this theory. But as of this moment, my money is on Heimdall being the carrier of the Soul Stone.

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