New ITV2 reality show Survival of the Fittest has “no restrictions” on contestants’ sexuality

Laura Whitmore has said that Survival of the Fittest is “not under any restrictions whatsoever” when it comes to contestants’ sexuality.

The new show is made by the same people behind Love Island and has a strikingly similar premise, but according to presenter Whitmore it appears to have listened to some of the criticisms levelled at its ITV2 stablemate for featuring solely straight participants.

“Some of the contestants might like men and women so we’re not necessarily saying it’s just all boys/girls and they have to get with each other,” Whitmore told “It’s not that at all.”

On altering Love Island’s all-heterosexual line-up, the former MTV host said, “I think they couldn’t, because for logistics they had to make sure there was the same number of people that would get with everyone. So it wouldn’t be as even and they’d need to do a different show completely.

“But [with] this show we’re not under any restrictions whatsoever. So anyone can enter this show. Anyone. And that’s really exciting.”

Bisexual Survival Of The Fittest teammate Ryan Cleary believes he has a winning advantage in the competition as he’s already planning to romance both male and female contestants.

The former jeweller, 27, is up for having sex during his time on the show after saying he will “take his pick” from the line-up.

Speaking in South Africa where the show is filmed he said: "Obviously there's going to be hot girls and hot guys on the show so it is everything that I would enjoy.

“Gender isn't really an issue. I've been with men and women. I have an advantage, I'm just going to take my pick."

Ryan admits that he’s more used to having casual flings than long-term relationships but the last time he committed to someone was when he was romantically involved with a man.

He added: “I've had more one night stands than relationships.

“I would have sex on the show with the right person and if it was the right timing.

“If someone's attractive, then why not? We're all adults. It is my life to live and I'm here to have a good time. If I have sex, then I have sex.”

Host Laura Whitmore has already urged contestants to follow in the footsteps of their ITV2 counterparts Love Island by having sex on the show.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun’s Bizarre column she said: “I definitely want to see people go all the way. People have needs.

“If they like each other enough and care about each other then why not?

“They’re going to be living together in a different country, they will form bonds and they’re all single.

“These shows do create romances that last.”

Ryan, who is from Manchester and currently lives in London, joins five other lads on the reality show set in the Savannah.

They'll compete against six ladies in the ultimate battle of the sexes, involving mental and physical challenges.

But the strength of the ladies and gents is not the only thing being tested.

Throughout the series, the contestants will have the opportunity to romance the opposite sex - but only at the expense of their team's chances in the competition.

*Sourced from the Sun and Radio Times*

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