Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani rushed to hospital after accident on Survival of the Fittest set

DANI Dyer has been rushed to hospital following an accident on the set of Survival of the Fittest.

The daughter of EastEnders star Danny, 21, fell during one of the challenges and hurt her arm while filming in South Africa.

A source told The Sun’s Bizarre column she is badly injured and her place on the show is under threat.

Dani took part in the first challenge which involves an obstacle course.

She injures her arm at the start of it and the task is stopped.

Medics saw to her and she was taken to hospital.

Following the challenges, the boys and girls discuss the accident.

Georgia Cole says: “Dani went down the slide and I think she hurt her arm when she landed.”

Jenny praises her for carrying on, saying: “Oh my God what a trooper. She carried on going.”

To which Georgia replies: “At the end when she knew that was it, she even said ‘I’m sorry girls, I’m sorry.’”

The group raises a glass to Dani in the garden.

Dani is one of the ITV2 programme's big signings along with I’m A Celebrity 2017 winner Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo’s ex James Middleton.

The reality series, which begins this evening, is presented by Laura Whitmore.

It will see six women and six men compete against each other in a number of tasks with the contestants having the opportunity to couple up.

Survival of the fittest bosses are hoping the contestants have not just romances, but also romps – thanks to a secret sex balcony.

Bosses have created “The Lookout”, an area away from the main lodge, across a bridge, where couples can go for a spot of privacy and hopefully create some sex scenes to rival Love Island.

Series producer Mike Spencer told the Mirror: “They can come to the Lookout at any time day or night have a chat, stay over with a friend or anyone you wish to lay in bed with. It is a quiet area away from the main lodge.

“There are a lot more spaces to spend alone time together than at the Love Island villa.”

Teams sleep in their own boys and girls dorms but there could be some much-welcomed bed hopping as no doors separate the two areas.

And condoms will be supplied in preparation of sexy moments under the covers between the twelve competitors.

The male contestants have already made their intentions pretty clear, with Tristan Jones, 20, saying:

“Seventy percent of going on the show is to meet girls. I don't want to shut down a relationship but it is most likely a bit of fun.

“I'm 100 percent fine with having sex on the show. My mum is not watching it. I told her to watch at her own risk because she knows what I am like.”

David Lundy, 26, said: “I didn't make any promises to my mum, I can't promise I wont have sex.

“When I am single I can be reckless. I mean a lot of girls, I don't sleep around as much as I used to be, it used to be a numbers game to be honest. A couple of hundred at least, maybe more. I have been there, done it and got the T shirt.”

The show’s host, Laura Whitmore, is also hoping for some raunchy moments.

She told The Sun: “I definitely want to see them go all the way. People have needs.

“If they like each other enough and care about each other then why not?

“They’re going to be living together in a different country, they will form bonds and they’re all single.

“These shows do create romances that last.”

*Sourced from The Sun*

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