Actors who played More than One Characters on FRIENDS

1. Yes, we all know that she, June Gable

played two characters on FRIENDS. Joey's agent Estelle Leonard and Ben's delivery nurse. But did you knew about these actors who played more than one character.

2. Giovanni Ribisi

Yes, the condom guy was very different. If you would notice, he would call his girlfriend just after he found the condom and she was definitely not Alice.


Okay, Jennifer Coolidge acted as Joey's second agent in spinoff "Joey." 

4. The record holder "KIM HARRIS"

She has played the role of Joey's casting director in S6 Ep4. Then in the "Cheap Wedding Dress." She has been in the background also in S9, for a couple of times. At a total she has appeared in the sitcom as 5 different characters.

5. E. J. Callahan

The actor who ate paper was once Phoebe's massage client.

Ross was just wonderful when he bought a bike for Phoebe, but he was so wrong with Pheebs once.

Some are funny! Some are just too ridiculous.!

Monica was underrated, but why did Hollywood stop casting Courteney?