16 Dirty Jokes From FRIENDS that you might have missed in the First Time

No. 3 is just too hilarious

16. When Phoebe was on the other side of 55-JIMBO

15. Could Someone Explain this to me?

14. When Ross wanted to be Happy

13. When Someone wanted to measure someone's something

12. What happens when Chandler tries to make himself happy.

11. Awww our Poor Chandler

10. Cause that's not Joey's way.

9. I was always with Ross on the VideoTape thing

8. Chandler has the answer to everything

7. Maybe there was pain or something?

6. Well I would say "Lucky Mr. Bing."

5. Probably True.

4. But why do you need Tissues for a porn movie?

3. Needs some thinking..

2. Hahahaha!! That's Joseph Tribbiani for you.

1. Hey! How's that Ass Doing?

Carol was pregnant for like a couple of years

Chandler Bing from Friends is one of the best characters in sitcom history.

Well, see who's on the list!