17 Things You Never Knew About 'Gilmore Girls'

While we sit around waiting for Amy Sherman-Palladino to write another season, we decided to do some digging and discovered 17 secrets hidden around Stars Hollow.

1. While filming at Warner Brothers' lot, Lauren Graham was pulled over by WB security for not stopping at stop signs while riding her bike. When asked her name, she jokingly said she was Jennifer Aniston (who was filming Friends on the same lot during that time) and the security guard responded, "Well, Ms. Aniston, I'm going to have to give you a ticket." She had no idea who Lauren or Jennifer was!

2. Lane is based off creator Amy Sherman-Palladino's best friend and co-Producer, Helen Pai. The name of Lane's band, Hep Alien is an anagram of Helen's name.

3. Since it was her first acting gig, Lauren Graham noticeably has her arm around Alexis Bledel more often in season one so she could help direct her to the right spots.

4. In true Gilmore Girls fashion, Carole King decided to sing the theme song with her daughter, Louise Goffin.

5. Alex Borstein was originally cast to play Sookie and even filmed the pilot episode. But because she couldn't get out of a previous contract, the show ended up casting Melissa McCarthy instead. Obviously, an amazing choice.

6. Although Rory is a coffee fiend on the show, Alexis Bledel doesn't drink coffee IRL and always had her mug filled with soda.

7. Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia dated IRL for more than three years!

8. Alexis Bledel had just moved to Los Angeles (from NYC) when she landed the role as Rory. She didn't know anyone in town yet, so she ordered a pizza and celebrated at home.

9. Kelly Bishop got the role of Emily Gilmore almost immediately after her audition. Amy Sherman-Palladino knew right when Kelly walked in that she was perfect for the part.

10. Since the show was shot with a single camera, it would sometimes take up to eight working days to shoot one episode.

11. Liza Weil originally auditioned for the role of Rory, but after meeting her, the show's producers decided to write the role of Paris Gellar specifically for her.

12. Luke's character was originally supposed to be a woman named Daisy, however, the network felt the show had too many women and there needed to be more men in the town.

13. Scott Patterson wasn't always an actor. Prior to owning our favorite diner, he was drafted into the minor leagues and played for the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, and Texas Rangers.

14. The town of Stars Hollow is based on Washington Depot, Connecticut, a small town where Amy and Dan once vacationed.

15. Because of the fast-paced dialogue, Gilmore Girls' scripts ranged from 70-80 pages long. Normally for an hour-long show, scripts run 55-60 pages max. The script length made it nearly impossible for actors to include any of their own improvs.

16. A lot of the actors didn't understand the pop culture references they were making.

17. In the French version of the series, Michel is an Italian man.

Were you surprised by any of these facts?

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