This is how Emma from FRIENDS looks like now.

Our cute little baby Emma is still cute as anything ❤

Baby Emma was, without a doubt, the cutest kid on the entire show. I actually find her the cutest kid on the entire TV network. Her presence on the screen made everyone go, "Awwwww...!" 
Her smile, her giggle that we saw in bloopers are just too adorable.
The character was played by the Sheldon twins, Cari and Noelle and both of them are still cute as anything. They are 14 years old now and living happily in the United States.
Here are some pics of Emma to make your day. 🙂

That's how they found the orange couch? That's just too sad..

Mondler was supposed to be a one night thing?

Josh Radnor played for Mexico in the FIFA World Cup. Yes I am not kidding.