Mind reader on Good Morning Britain guesses Piers Morgan’s pin number live on air

Piers Morgan doesn't scare easily, but the presenter was left completely freaked out on Good Morning Britain today (March 13) after coming face-to-face with Lior Suchard.

It’s the one number none of us would ever give away to a total stranger, but Piers bravely put this very personal detail in the hands of celebrity mind reader Lior Suchard.

On Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain, Lior demonstrated his unbelievable skill on Piers and showbiz reporter Richard Arnold, counted to nine while looking at Piers to see if he could guess his PIN.

To the presenter’s shock, Lior managed to get the first two number exactly right, even writing them down on a giant notepad.

The extremely talented mentalist has previously worked with stars such as George Clooney, Kim Kardashian West and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who have all been left dumbfounded by his ability to read what was on their minds.

However, Piers thought he could trick his guest when asked to think of his bank pin code – of course, it didn't work.

"I made up a pin code," the presenter confessed after Lior correctly guessed his bank details. "I made up a completely random pin code because I was concerned you might get it and you did!

Lior joked: ‘Now I just need your bank information’, to which Piers replied: ‘I’m not even looking at you!’ Of course Piers wouldn’t actually give away his real PIN to someone he just met, as he later confirmed he had made one up for the segment. Lior still managed to guess it exactly right though. Very spooky indeed!

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