Sir David Jason’s daughter has expressed a desire to follow in her father’s footsteps

Though modern conventions always change, nature has set up the situation whereby we as humans have kids in our 20s or 30s so that we’re young and healthy enough to be able to raise them. It’s a pretty good set up.

But David Jason obviously didn’t read the memo on that one, and didn’t have his first child until the age of 61. To be fair, 61 isn’t that old these days. Hell, at 61, a person is still seen as middle aged these days, and although you’re older, wiser and more experienced, that doesn’t make raising kids any easier!
But that hasn’t stopped David Jason, at the age of 78, from plunging in at the deep end and being the best father he can be to his now 17 year old daughter Sophie Mae Jason.
David Jason was in a long-term relationship with his partner Myfanwy Talog that started in 1977. They together for eighteen years until she tragically died as a result of breast cancer, through which Sir David nursed her.
However, Sir David managed to find love again after the devastating loss of his long term partner, and had his first child at the age of 61 with then partner and current wife 41 year old Gill Hinchcliffe. After the birth of Sophie Mae in 2001, Sir David and Gill were married on St. Andrews Day in 2005.
Though I can’t imagine it’s always been easy, Sir David seems to have been a wonderful father to his daughter, and has helped to carefully steer her through some of the most challenging years of her young life. But there are some difficulties that the family encounter.
For example, the veteran star of stage and screen has said in the past that he found it “increasingly difficult” to monitor the viewing habits of his then 13 year old daughter.
“It’s a real worry about how to protect your kids from seeing things that you don’t want them to see,” Sir David said to the Express during an interview in 2013.
“We were all watching Miranda the other day when there were a few asides that made me feel a little uncomfortable.
“It’s a shame if you can’t all enjoy watching TV together without worrying what some comedian is going to say that’s going to be embarrassing.”
Sir David has one thing that a lot of father’s do not have, that makes up for his slightly finer vintage, and that is a wealth of life experience that he can impart onto his daughter, the likes of which not many other father’s could, that can hopefully help her to mature beyond her years.
And if she does want to go into a career in acting, following in some pretty big footsteps, then there aren’t many people better suited to offer her wisdom and advice than her dear ol’ dad.
But Sir David said that he would not push her into it, saying in an interview back in 2014: We do have a bit of a love for the theatre that she has got and we creep off occasionally to see a matinee in the West End.
“We make a day out and we go together and we get rid of mother and it’s a treat,” he said.
“It’s too early to say [if she’ll work in the industry]! Not sure.
“I wouldn’t wish it upon her but I would never stop her. I’m not going to encourage her unless she wants to.”
But despite being the legendary figure that he is, it seems that in some ways, life in the Jason household with a teenager is no different than any other house in the country. But, as Sir David recounted in an interview with The Times when Sophie was 16, being in his position does have its perks.

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