McVitie’s Has Revealed The Correct Way To Eat A Jaffa Cake

We are a nation of cake-lovers, there’s no doubt about it.

From Victoria sponges to lemon drizzles, Brits sure do know how to show their appreciation for cake.
However, when it comes to the classic Jaffa Cake, it appears that the country is torn over the best way to consume the popular treat.
People of a certain age will remember the 'Full moon, half moon, total eclipse' advert in the 1990s, but you may be surprised to learn that this is not the optimum way to be consuming McVitie's Jaffa Cakes.
Apparently you are supposed to bite away all of the outer edge and then eat the remaining orange jelly, chocolate and sponge in one mouthful.
To reach this vital conclusion, McVitie's consulted food scientist and flavour expert Dr Stuart Farrimond who, as well as having a fantastic job title, is more than qualified to teach us how to eat a snack.
Dr Farrimond said: "Science concludes that this eating technique gives the almost perfectly optimised balance of zesty orange, slightly bitter chocolate and sweet airy sponge.
"We ran a panel of experiments to discover the best ratio of chocolate, orange jam and sponge.
"Given that the orange jam layer is pooled in the central segment of the Jaffa Cake, different eating styles will result in different combinations of these three layers in each mouthful.

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