The Ten Worst Towns To Live In Britain Have Been Revealed

The top 10 worst places in Britain to live in have been announced. Do you live in any of these? Have you been to any and would you go again? 

10 – Blackpool

Known for its lights, pleasure beach and Blackpool Tower, Blackpool also has a lot of poverty and very run down areas as you get away from the front. Every town has its good and bad areas, but Blackpool seems to have suffered particularly badly with one resident being quoted as saying:

“Go back a few streets from the prom and you will see the deprivation, the ghettos and the scummy pubs that make up the REAL Blackpool.”

9. Oldham

Another town in the North West, but without a Pleasure Beach or tower to boost its image, Oldham has been announced as Britain’s most deprived town according to the Office of National Statistics. One resident has logged on iLiveHere saying that Oldham looks “as though the government has been performing nuclear testing in the area.”

8. Sunderland

With one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Europe, and also having plenty of its own run-down areas, one comment (definitely not from a Geordie) states “It’s a pretty sad place, to be honest. Find somewhere with easy access to Newcastle City Centre and you’ll be happy.”

7. Gravesend

Just the name Gravesend doesn’t instil instant images of some idyllic town, does it? Most of the bad reviews of Gravesend seem to mention a certain minority group – the Chavs – who seem to be one of the causes for Gravesend finding its way back in to this list after dropping out for a brief spell. One review sums it up with “If you must come to Gravesend, please stop by the estate agents and buy my house.”

6. Bradford

To be fair Bradford has improved… in the previous year’s poll Bradford was in the top 3 worst towns! Another town from the North West, there’s definitely a bit of a trend with some of these entries, Bradford has been described by one resident as “Literally hell on Earth!”

5. Rochdale

Yes, still in the North West! Rochdale is going the wrong way on this list, having been in 9th place the previous year – will it be hitting top 3 in years to come? The nicest comment we could find from a resident was “Leave fast or stay forever”.

4. Scunthorpe

One Scunthorpe resident said,

“One good thing about Scunthorpe? It takes about 5 minutes from the town centre to get out and go to a better place.”

3. Luton

The Bedfordshire town does not have a huge amount going for it other than being close to the M1 provides a fast exit! One review seems to confirm this by going in to more detail,

“Thank god there’s 3 motorway junctions, 2 railway stations and an airport that can be used for a swift exit.”

2. Hull

1. Huddersfield 

Here we have it, the king of s**t tips 2018, Huddersfield! This West Yorkshire town has been lurking around the top 10 like a stalker in a mackintosh for years, but this year was different.

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